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Claudia Aguilar

"We Closed A $440,000 Contract AND Produced 17 NEW Leads In Just A Few Months!"

"Five years ago, I began massive efforts to transform our Brazilian-based IT company, AtuanTI, from a 100% IT products company to a services company. But despite some initial successful contracts to get our efforts going, I constantly worried about the business, as much of our success was attributed to intuition, gut feel and my past business experiences. I was recreating the wheel from the ground up and had no framework to do so. That's a scary place to put yourself in! My husband kept pushing me to listen to the "redheaded lady in America," but I kept putting it off until I couldn't stand to struggle anymore. That's when I finally decided to invest in Robin's materials.

Robin taught us so much, everything from the RIGHT way to do campaigns, to defining your target marketing, measuring campaign performance, setting up KPIs and many other things that are finally getting us the results I have wanted for so long. After we left and implemented what we learned (and in less than three months), we closed a brand-new MRR deal worth $440,000 over the life of the contract AND produced 17 NEW leads! The way that we run our business and do marketing has drastically changed since the workshop. Thank you, Robin and team! You've made our life richer in many ways."
Claudia Aguilar, Gimel Tecnologia
Mike & Fusun Bubernack

"In Just 90 Days, Robin's Marketing Has Delivered Over $100,000 In Sales And A 500%+ ROI!"

"After nearly 50 years in business, our company finally decided to get serious about marketing and joined up with Robin and the Producers Club. Little did we know what this decision really meant. Sure, we had all of Robin's materials, but we still hadn't really put them to use. We certainly hadn't done any campaigns (my regrettable loss). This decision has proven to be the best decision we've made for the business. Now I'm implementing marketing instead of trolling networking events hoping for someone to do business with me, and I actually feel excited to do this marketing thing! Why? Because I see it working! I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is easier than I expected. In just 90 days, our company's ROI for everything that we've done with Robin is over 500%. I'll make that kind of investment every day, all day long!"
Mike & Fusun Bubernack, Owner, ET&T
Lance Reichenberger

"After Working With Robin For One Year, My Company Grew From $100,000 To $250,000 – And Today We're In Easy Reach Of $1 Million!"

"When Trinity Networx was founded in 2008, we didn't have a marketing plan and all clients were obtained through 'word of mouth.' This worked great for a while, and I thought we were doing the right thing to build the business, but as time went on, I realized that relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising would not deliver the strong, continuous growth I wanted, nor was it a good way to get the high-profile clients I wanted.

When I look back on my business just a few short years ago, it's hard to fathom the impact Robin's company has had. Essentially, I felt like I was drowning. I was a floundering $100,000-per-year, one-man band just scratching to get by, relying solely on sporadic referrals that came in to keep me afloat. Thanks to Robin, I've now got $1.1 million in managed recurring revenue over the next 36 months with real marketing systems and processes in place to continue that growth. I'm getting larger clients as well, which is allowing me to invest in hiring new technicians, sales and marketing staff so I can start building the business. Today, I pay myself a consistent salary instead of grabbing money out of the business bank account when I need some. Now I have a R.E.A.L. business!"
Lance Reichenberger, Trinity Networx
Rosebell Murigu

"I Added $720,000 In New Revenue From One Campaign I Got From Robin!"

"I'm proof that Robin's marketing just plain works. Believe me, I was skeptical. The first time I laid my eyes on the campaigns, I thought, "You've got to be kidding me. I'm NOT going to send this!" Now I can't even imagine that I thought that. I can honestly say I would never be where I am today in my business if it wasn't for Robin's marketing. From just a single cybersecurity seminar that was 100% Robin's materials, I generated 9 leads, which resulted in $720,000 in revenue! I am now determined to figure out how I can do these every single week and improve the process. After all, if it worked that good for a newbie to marketing like me, I'm sure I can continue to improve it the more I do."
Rosebell Murigu, Fedcom Technology
Ilan Sredni

"In One Year, We Grew Top Line Revenue By $920,489 And Net Profits By 57%!"

"It's amazing what you can accomplish in a single year if you wake up every day focused on marketing and growth. In addition to adding nearly $1 million in revenue and slightly over 57% more net profit to our bottom line, we also increased MRR by 42.3% and increased our product margins from 10% to 30% this past year by using Robin's marketing campaigns and strategies. Stagnation in our business is now a thing of the past. Today, the outlook for my business is better than ever: my goal is to reach $5 million by next year and $10 million by 2020 (which we're on track to do). The secret to our success? We developed systems to get Robin's marketing campaigns consistently implemented."
Ilan Sredni, CEO of Palindrome Consulting
Bill Ooms

"All Of The Campaigns We Implemented Added Over $200,000 To Our Business And Boosted Our Profits By Over 52%"

"When I came upon Robin, it was a rough time for my company; we only had about $300,000 in revenue with no marketing or sales systems in place. I sent out our first marketing campaign, and in four months had six managed services clients and $8,700 in monthly recurring revenue! I was hooked and started reading, learning and paying attention to everything Robin had to say, which helped us grow to $653,000 and then to $753,000 in the following year. Robin's campaigns and strategies have brought me rock-solid marketing and provided great peer group support. Thank you, Robin!"
Bill Ooms, BSSI
Scott Beck

"Last Year I Finally Broke Free Of Being A One-Man Band, Adding 2 Employees And Increasing Our Net Profit By 256%!"

"Our business had hit a ceiling of generating just over $200,000 in revenue per year. Once we decided to invest in both the Toolkit and the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint we increased our profitability by 256% and added two full-time employees to take some of the workload off of me. Our secret is probably the same secret that most other successful MSPs have discovered: there is no one thing that will allow you to grow. Consistently marketing to our prospects along with being committed to implementing and building upon marketing and business basics, WILL result in success."
Scott Beck, BeckTek
Mike Clemmons

"We've Experienced More Than A 10-Times Increase In Revenues And Profitability Since Joining Robin's Program"

"Before Robin, saying we were struggling to get new clients was an understatement. We were losing money…Not good. But after we started using her materials, leads started to pour in! The marketing was working, as evidenced by the fact that revenue grew a solid 40% that year—but more importantly, it was the first year we actually generated a profit! Just one campaign generated over $150,000 in sales, resulting in a return on investment of over 2,900%! Robin's marketing strategies have totally changed the trajectory of our business for the better, in more ways than we can count. We now generate quality leads, we've strengthened our name recognition and have landed more signed contracts than ever before. We've experienced more than a 10-times increase in revenues and profitability since joining Robin's program."
Mike Clemmons, ByteCafe Consulting
Joanna Sobran

"Using Robin's Marketing, We're Bringing In $62,720 In Monthly Recurring Revenue (Up From $21,451), And That's AFTER Firing 13 Low-Profit Clients"

"Before working with Robin, we were only generating $21,541 in monthly recurring revenue. One year later, we're up to $62,720 in MRR. This is AFTER firing 13 low-profit clients. That means our profitability is up dramatically and our entire team is a LOT happier now that we're delivering our services to NEW clients who genuinely appreciate us and don't beat us up on price. I've never done marketing before and I'm definitely not a savvy salesperson so naturally I was skeptical of Robin's program at first. But sales are up and we're winning clients away from cheaper competitors on a regular basis. If that won't make you a believer that Robin's marketing works, I don't know what will!"
Joanna Sobran, MXOtech
John Rutkowski

"I've Gone From $1,000 In MRR To $30,000 In The 3 Years I Used Robin's Strategies And Marketing!"

"Like many MSPs, I found marketing to be a completely foreign concept. Initially all of my clients came from word of mouth and I never had to go out and get the business. So bit by bit I learned marketing and implemented the tools and strategies Robin had given me.

I took Robin's advice and transitioned all of my clients from a break-fix to a managed model. That has been a huge success and now, three years later, I'm up to $30,000 in MRR with just 2.5 people, plus project work, plus hardware and software sales. Bottom line has been solid black for the last two years and we paid off the $100,000 in debt we had accumulated in the leaner years.

I also systematized my referral program and I'm now reaching new clients by delivering seminars promoted through JV partners. By reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day and setting one goal a week to further my marketing, I was able to succeed step by step in adding new marketing strategies to my business.

I wish I could take back the years I wasn't attending events or using Robin's methods. My advice for any new member is: don't do like most people and let these strategies accumulate dust on the shelf they really DO work. Also, get in a peer group (for me it was Robin's Producers Club). With Robin's strategies and the support of my accountability group, I have built a solid business and a confidence in the future success of things to come."
John Rutkowski, BOLDER Designs
Sitima Fowler

"We Increased Our Managed Services Recurring Revenue From $6,000 To $150,000 In Under A Year During A Very Tough Economy"

"Thanks to Robin, I now have a documented sales process that any sales person in my company can follow without winging it.

Robin has opened my eyes to the fact that being a good sales person isn't some magical process that only a select few can master — it truly is a methodical, step-by-step process that anyone can learn. After using this process over a one-month period, I have gone from closing one managed services contract per month, to now closing five per month!

In addition, the average time it is taking me to close accounts is three weeks as compared to the five to six months it previously took. Overall, we have closed six new accounts; four of those are brand new. The monthly recurring revenue from those six sales is $3,450; a total of $124,200 in revenue over 36 months. That's not too shabby an ROI for the training I was originally afraid to spend my money on!"
Sitima Fowler, CAPSTONE IT, Inc.
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