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Frequently Asked Questions About The Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

  1. What will I get when I enroll?
  2. What type of MSP is this program specifically designed for?
  3. How much is it going to cost to get the strategies in the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint implemented?
  4. How long will it take to see results?
  5. Do you REALLY guarantee this will work?
  6. Does this work for MSPs just starting up?
  7. Can I talk to a few references before buying?
  8. What if my competition has your program? Won't my marketing look just like theirs?

QUESTION #1: What will I get when I enroll?

Here's a high-level overview:

A Sales Playbook: You will get a very comprehensive, managed services sales playbook that will be your "paint-by-the-numbers" guide to implementing a go-to-market plan for selling more managed services contracts.

Dozens Of "Fill-In-The-Blank" Marketing Templates, Campaigns and Tools To Sell Managed Services And Generate Qualified Leads: I'll give you dozens of campaigns you can easily modify and instantly implement. These campaigns will range from simple e-mail broadcasts to direct mail, referral campaigns, telemarketing, web and online campaigns and content, LinkedIn strategies, canvassing, list building, strategic partnerships for lead generation, webinars, seminars, drip campaigns and several examples of marketing collateral for sales meetings, including our proprietary "shock-and-awe" materials, brochures, sales letters, testimonial campaigns, videos, free reports and data sheets.

Recorded Calls With Robin And Your Peers: You will have access to recorded conference calls with Robin and your peers to answer any questions you have, hear feedback on what worked for others and get help from Robin and the other MSPs from across the world. They’re available on-demand so you can listen whenever, wherever and however many times you need.

Community Support From Other MSPs: In addition to receiving direct support from Robin and her team, you'll be able to post questions to other MSPs on our member "QUE" (QUE stands for Questions Updates and Exchanges) on everything from pricing your managed services offering to vendor feedback, operational issues, hiring, compensation plans, negotiations and operational excellence in delivering proactive managed services. This is a VERY active community and will be invaluable to you as you build out your managed services practice.

MSP Industry Research: We'll give you detailed reports on what other MSPs are charging and including in their managed services offering and how they price their services. You'll also get real reviews of what vendors other MSPs find to be most valuable (and which ones they want to avoid!), as well as access to a recent report on what industries MSPs find to be most lucrative for selling high-dollar managed services contracts.

QUESTION #2: What type of MSP is this program specifically designed for?

This program is designed for ANY managed IT services company that wants to get more and better quality clients. If you want to move beyond a referral-only business and have productive, high-return marketing "oil wells" that consistently produce high-quality leads, as well as a professional sales process that enables you to close more managed services sales at a higher price point consistently, this program is for YOU.

This program is NOT for the lifestyle MSP hobbyist who lacks sincere ambition to grow or those "mildly curious" about marketing. Seriously, if that's you, don't enroll.

If you're BRAND NEW to managed services: This program will give you a blueprint to follow that will shorten your learning curve and help you avoid making a lot of expensive mistakes.

If you've been selling managed IT services for a while: This program will give you ways to accelerate your growth and help you refine your sales and marketing processes to make them work even better. In fact, I guarantee it.

QUESTION #3: How much is it going to cost to get the strategies in the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint implemented?

A core belief I have is this: If you can't make money without money, you can't make money with money either. Some of the strategies will cost you absolutely nothing, while others will cost you several thousand or more depending on the size of your current client and prospect list, where you are in your business lifecycle, your competition and y our specific goals and situation.

For example, if you're in a major metropolitan area with a lot of competition and you want to run a Google AdWords campaign, your costs are naturally going to be higher than for someone in a small town. If you are able, ready and willing to hire an inside sales team, we have processes for that - and naturally that involves a higher cost than if you aren't ready to make that move yet. However, I have SEVERAL campaigns I can give you that will fuel sales and referrals that can be driven by e-mail that cost next to nothing to implement.

Also remember that what you will learn in this program will help you get a better return on any marketing for managed services you might be doing now, and show you how to get exponentially better results from your website, sales process and any and all lead generation marketing you are currently implementing.

QUESTION #4: How long will it take to see results?

That depends entirely on YOU; specifically, how quickly and aggressively you implement. This is different for every client we have, so I cannot give you an "average." It also depends on your current resources (money, people), the quantity and quality of your house list, your relationship with existing clients, your competition, your average sales cycle and what you consider to be "good" results.

I have had MSP clients write and tell me they've generated more traction in marketing within 1 month of enrolling in my program than they have in their entire professional career. Others will take longer to result in actual sales (6-12 months) due to the natural discovery and proposal process you go through when closing an IT services sale AND the fact they're starting from a complete blank slate when it comes to having a sales and marketing process. Ultimately, the answer to this question largely depends on how quickly and to what degree you implement the strategies contained in the program.

QUESTION #5: Do you REALLY guarantee this will work?

Absolutely! I've had so many clients generate results over the years that I'm very confident in our methodology, which is why we offer a generous money-back guarantee.

That said, I cannot guarantee you'll get rich, nor can I guarantee a specific amount of money you will make. That's because I don't know anything about you, your work ethic, your current business, the competition you are facing, the resources you have (or lack), whether or not you have a good client list and relationships, your personal goals and a MATRIX of other key variables that contribute to the results of any money-making endeavor that I have ZERO control over. That's not a "weasel out" statement but a simple fact. Neither I, nor anyone else, can guarantee you will get any results whatsoever.

So here's what I can guarantee: if the program does not deliver the "results" you want, however you want to define results, then you can return it for a full, complete and ZERO- hassle refund (you can read the details about my money-back guarantee here).

QUESTION #6: Does this work for MSPs just starting up?

Absolutely! You have 2 choices: You can waste a bunch of money and spend a lot of time spinning your wheels doing the wrong type of marketing trying to figure out what works - OR you can get the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint and have a proven process based on the experience of over 1,876 MSPs for bringing in a "right fit" managed services client.

QUESTION #7: Can I talk to a few references before buying?

Would my MSP clients take the calls if I asked them? Absolutely. Would they give us rave reviews? Of course! Would this help us increase sales? Without a doubt.

HOWEVER, it is our strict policy to NOT give out our clients' phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We have between 500 and 1,000 people visiting our web sites every week and routinely schedule 15-20 consults a week with new prospective managed services providers trying to figure out marketing.

If we gave out our clients' phone numbers to everyone who requested it, they would be barraged with dozens of calls every week. Would YOU do that to your clients? Would you give their phone number out to 12, 15 or 20 prospects you're talking to every week? I would hope not! Just like you, they are extremely busy running their business – and they don't work for me.

Even though we don't give out numbers, many of our clients already get dozens of calls every week from complete strangers asking for advice on our program. Our clients graciously spend hours on the phone with these callers and then tell me about it later. These callers don't just ask, "Hey, what do you think of Robin's program?" They often dig with a lot of intrusive questions, asking for financials, asking for advice, asking for samples to be e-mailed to them and taking HOURS of our clients' time.

So out of respect for our clients, I'm not going to give out their phone numbers and increase the annoyance and burden of taking these calls. I know that may be a deal breaker for you and if it is, so be it. I won't ruin my good relationships with clients I love and respect to make a sale to you or anyone else. We have taken great care to post case studies and testimonials as well as give you a money-back guarantee. Plus, my staff can answer any questions you have. If that's not sufficient, then we respectfully ask you find to someone else to help you.

QUESTION #8: What if my competition has your program? Won't my marketing look just like theirs?

First of all, your current marketing ALREADY looks like all of your competitors. Right now, you're most likely "just another" IT firm among a plethora of look-alike, sound-alike MSPs. Sure, the graphics are different and the words may be slightly modified, but almost all IT services firms and MSP's marketing says exactly the SAME things, which is WHY you're struggling with price resistance and generating leads!

Here are 3 additional reasons why this is a non-issue:

  1. There are hundreds of different letters, campaigns, and strategies in the program for you to choose from that you can easily modify to make you own. Plus, the chances of someone in your area sending the exact same campaign, to the exact same list, at the exact same time are extremely low.
  2. While I do provide a number of done-for-you templates, I also provide processes and strategies for building trust, picking profitable target markets, securing powerful client testimonials, fueling referrals, using strategic case studies to niche your services, and developing your own unique offers to attract more clients and many more profit-and-sales building strategies. Your competition can't "carbon copy" all of this – and all you need is to do a small fraction of it to get traction.

Your biggest worry should not be whether or not your competition is sending the same letter campaign; your biggest concern should be that you currently don't have a SINGLE, RELIABLE WAY TO BRING IN A NEW CLIENT, and don't know the first place to start. That is a MUCH bigger threat to your business and financial security than your competition sending out the same flyer.

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